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SinceMy Home logo 2010, Windsor-Essex Family Network and partners have been inspiring people and families about what it means to have an affordable home to call one’s own . . . . one that offers security, stability and sustainability in an inclusive society. 

What is a Home?

For the purposes of the My Home, My Choice initiative in Windsor and Essex County, a home includes the type of home-setting that any person might choose.

This could be about renting or owning. It could mean living in a stand-alone house, secondary suite, townhouse, apartment, condominium, or housing co-op.  It could be choosing to live alone, with a friend, beside or with your family.  It could be about renovating within the family home, or creating private space beside the family home. There are many options for home living to consider, and many different ways to prepare for living on one’s own someday.

Thinking about Home Options

Below you will find the links to documents to help you think about various home options as well as strategies other families have used for safety and making things easier. Most of these documents were created by families for families. We hope you find them helpful!

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