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Tips for Families by Families

Parent Tips for School Entry and Beyond – A Resource Booklet Parent Tips for School Entry pix    A resource booklet for parents who have children with special education needs in their younger years. This booklet was developed by Windsor-Essex Family Network families FOR families. Written from a family perspective, inside you will find information about how to locate and contact your child’s school, suggestions for introducing your child to the school, how to prepare for meetings, communication with the school, Individual Education Plans, links to government resources and other websites, and so much more. If you have a young child entering school or in the early years of elementary school, this booklet provides tips from other parents who have been where you are right now. To download this booklet, use the title link above.                                    To print a cover on card stock and in colour, use this link: COVER – Parent Tips for School Entry  

Family Checklist for Effective Meetings
More than a checklist, this two page document was created to share ideas and suggestions for attending, preparing for and participating in school meetings. It is a family-to-family resource written and developed by Windsor-Essex Family Network family leaders, from their experience, for other families.

Using a One Page Profile – Sharing Who Your Child Is

About a One Page Profile – What is it?  A One-Page Profile, originally developed by Helen Sanderson Associates, provides an opportunity to describe your child in a positive way. All on one sheet of paper, it becomes an excellent introduction for those who may or may not have already met your child. It also contains information on what is important to your child, what others appreciate about him or her, and how best to support your child.  A One Page Profile enables you to share who your child is through your child’s eyes, your eyes, and the eyes of those who know your child best.  (Tip: What an excellent way to share information that is different than the professional reports and assessments so often used at meetings. Professionals who have received a One Page Profile have expressed appreciation for how helpful they are to better know the child or person they are supporting.   

One Page Profiles, Sheffkids, Giving Children of Sheffield a Voice   The website Sheffkids, Giving Children of Sheffield a Voice from the United Kingdom is specifically designed to support children. Their One Page Profile templates are the best that we have found for sharing with families and others interested in creating a One Page Profile – especially with younger children or folks who have a favourite passion or hobby.  A favourite of ours is their webpage that offers lots of easy to use templates. There are many different themes to chose from – something for everyone. Go to this link and see for yourself: One Page Profile Templates, by Sheffkids

The site also has a One Page Profiles Summary page that offers some history about the origin, lists the the three key sections to a One Page Profile, provides examples of finished one page profiles, and a place for more details. Here is the link to the: One Page Profile Summary webpage  

Things to Know about Full Day Kindergarten

Full Day Kindergarten, A Question and Answer Guide for Guide for Parents                          “Beginning full-day kindergarten is an exciting new step for your child and for you.” This four-page guide by the Ontario Ministry of Education will provide you with some details about full-day kindergarten and answer some questions you may have about how it works and how it will help your child.