The Organization

Windsor-Essex Family Network: The Organization

Windsor-Essex Family Network is a grassroots, charitable organization committed to the work of ‘families helping families’. Windsor-Essex Family Network is governed by a Board of Directors made up of a majority of family members who have relatives (son, daughters, brothers or sisters) living with disability.   We share our knowledge and partner as equals with others in the community who are also committed to strengthening and supporting families who have been touched by disability.  

Board of DirectorsBrent and Cathy

Catherine MacQuarrie – President
Cathy Chauvin – Vice-President
Brent Peters – Treasurer
Heather Sharpe – Director
Lillian Gallant – Director
Mary Kopcok – Director
Rose Lamug – Director


To empower individuals and their families affected by disability and to enhance their quality of life through: information, learning opportunities; mentoring; and community connections.

What We Believe

§ We believe in the value of family wisdom and knowledge.
§ We are committed to the full inclusion of individuals with different abilities into school and
      community life.
§ We believe that every individual and family must be respected, valued and supported in the 
§ We believe that every person has important gifts to contribute to their community.
§ We believe in the right to full citizenship.
§ We value each person’s individualism and their right to make choices and to direct their own

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