What We Do and More

Diana and ChrisWho We Are

We are a network of people who have a relative or friend living with a disability. We believe that everyone, with or without a disability, belongs in our neighbourhoods,  schools,  workplaces, recreation and leisure spaces.  We are family and friends living in Windsor and Essex County who care.  We are ‘families helping families’.

What We Do

  • Family-to-family linking, mentoring and support.
  • Provide information.
  • Offer workshops and learning opportunities.
  • Create innovative and practical resources for families.
  • Bring families together to empower each other on issues of importance to them.
  • Participate on committees, boards and working groups as volunteers giving back.
  • Offer a collective autonomous family voice to educate and influence the systems.
  • Work alongside partners in the community committed to strengthening and supporting families who have family members with disabilities.

What Families Tell Us

Families say that the daily work and effort involved with navigating  ‘service systems’ is a huge contributor to their stress level. Families often tell us that connecting with ‘the family network’ helps them feel more confident and strengthened – ready to try again. Family quotes follow:

“You have given us great moral support and strength when we needed it. We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated it.”

“I know my child best! – This is so true and I need to remember that when dealing with ‘professionals’ in education!”

“My gratitude and gratefulness will never be expressed enough. To know there are people like you (and the Network) that care so much, makes families feel there is someone to turn to… continue your journey to helping families, knowing you helped us.”

What We Have Learned Along the Way

Families are strengthened by:
◾ Meeting other families: sharing, listening, and learning.
◾ Having access to good information that is pertinent and timely.
◾ Learning how to navigate systems and barriers.
◾ Having a place to go that is autonomous from other supports and services.

◾ Receiving supports and services that are adequate, flexible, individualized and portable.

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