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Welcome to our newest page!

Here we will be compiling some great resources that families have found helpful, along with some other information we think would be of interest to you. Keep your eyes peeled as this page continues to be updated . . . . .

Ideas and Inspiration

Find out what people and families in Windsor and Essex County have purchased under the Temporary Changes with their Special Services at Home and Passport funding – and much more. Developed by families for families, Ideas and Inspiration is a document meant to inspire and give new ideas. View this new document here!

AAC and Transition Planning – Supporting all students
to make decisions for the future (webinar by Erin Sheldon)

You may remember Erin Sheldon, as the facilitator who showed us how to use One Page Profiles and develop a Vision, and from the many events that she’s presented at in Windsor-Essex in the past: Intelligent Lives, Challenging the Assumptions Conference, Dreaming Big and Working Towards the Life You Want, Building a Family Movement Together, Share Your Voice …

Since we couldn’t have Erin come down this year to do another great event, we wanted to share with you the webinar she did with AssistiveWare. Click here to watch the webinar, at the link she provided us. For a copy of the slides, click here.

About the webinar:

“Transition planning is an essential part of preparing our students for the adult life they want and need. Many of our students are still learning to use AAC at the time that we need to start planning for their transition out of school. Fortunately, even the most emergent student can be involved in their own planning. This session describes tools and strategies to maximize the role of the student learning to use AAC. Learn to use AAC supports in new, flexible ways to support autonomy, decision-making, and participation.”