Support_GroupWindsor-Essex Family Network is a not-for-profit charity. We are primarily families helping families. We value the commitment of volunteers who are a big part of the work we do.  Windsor-Essex Family Network operates independently of government, agencies and services. We are autonomous. Volunteers sometimes assist with proposal writing in order to receive small grants. Other funding comes from private donations, sponsorship funds and in-kind support from our collaborative partners to keep the work going.

Donations can be made one of three ways:

  • Our on-line form can be used for a membership and/or to donate:    OR
  • A cheque can be written to Windsor-Essex Family Network and mailed directly to us  OR 
  • A donation can be made online through the Canada Helps website. 

A charitable receipt will be provided in all instances.

Click the “Donate Now”  icon if you would like to donate to  Windsor-Essex Family Network through Canada Helps

Donate Now Through!

By clicking on this icon you will be redirected to Windsor-Essex Family Network’s donation page – here you can leave a donation by: credit card, paypal or online interact. 

Why Donate? We appreciate all donations of time and talent, big or small, from partners, organizations, private individuals and volunteers. This enables ‘family network’ to achieve our mission of strengthening  and educating individuals and families affected by disability. This includes sharing and encouraging families about citizenship, and being fully included and contributing, while being supported to live an everyday, ordinary life.   We invite you to join us and be a part of the work of families helping families. You are welcome to donate to a particular aspect of the support we engage in or keep your donation unrestricted for us to use where the biggest need is. Financial donations do the following: 

  • support the efforts of family-to-family mentors; 
  • offer learning opportunities, educational and inspirational gatherings for families;
  • purchase books and videos for our lending library;
  • support the development of family-created resources;
  • build tailour-made informational packages; and
  • support our participation in community efforts to represent the family voice.

Donate Now Through!

Thank you for your interest in Windsor-Essex Family Network.

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