Planning for the Future

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Looking Ahead: Planning, Visioning & More

Resources to Get You Started

Things to Think About for the Future

Below are some considerations individuals, families, and other stakeholders might keep in mind in their own communities when assisting people to think about an affordable home option: 

  • The value of an independent facilitation process; it leads to more and different ideas, doing some research for the person, and assisting with their voice 
  • Exploring various possibilities before deciding on the best affordable home option 
  • Looking at what kind of supports would be needed and separating that from housing
  • Helping the person learn about responsibilities involved with having a home of their own
  • Strategies for practicing responsibilities before they move out on their own. 
  • Looking at ways to support decision making and ensure long-term security; this is one of the most critical pieces.  Who will listen into the future and stand beside the person?
  • Reflecting on support networks, circle of friends and more
  • Involving professionals and business people in the community to assist with ideas
  • Being informed and sharing the most up-to-date information about federal, provincial and municipal housing programs which often change from year to year.
  • Exploration of the learning process with municipalities and creating opportunities to influence local policy and practices 

What has been done (2010 to 2022)

  • People and families have shared personal stories about their home option inspiring others about the possibilities. 
  • Information resources have been created and/or updated each year to increase knowledge and build confidence among people, families and friends.
  • Community development work has led to capacity and relationship building between various stakeholders and families. 
  • Many of the broader stakeholders across sectors have made a commitment to work on taking down the barriers that are making it difficult for people with a disability (and others living in poverty) to choose an affordable home option.
  • A Housing Task Force project, called Continuing Housing Innovation in Windsor-Essex, was developed with individuals and families in 2015.
  • Materials on Relationships, Circles of Support, and Networks have been researched, updated and/or created, and uploaded on the ‘family network’ website.
  • The My Home My Choice initiative continues as we look ahead to next steps and continue to: develop resources, hold learning events, and assist people and families to share their stories! 

For resources about various home options, go to: My Home My Choice Resource page

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