Long Term Security

Long Term Security

Long-term security for a person with a disability is a key outcome for the My Home, My Choice initiative.  It includes planning for a home that one can count on being there over time. It includes choosing whether to have a roommate and, if so, choosing who that would be. It includes choosing the home option that makes the most sense, and getting support in the way one desires.

One of the principles we believe in is keeping supports separate from housing.  This give people more choice and control over their life. 

Stakeholders with our My Home My Choice initiative, have demonstrated their interest in  possibilities, options and the importance of long-term security within a home, neighbourhood and community.  Many have learned that security is not in a paid system of support. Security in a home means one has control over and where relationships exist beyond those who are paid to be there.  These valued relationships may include neighbours, family, friends, groups that gather for similar passions, interests or hobbies, and work colleagues seen on a regular basis. 

As people explore different options for living lives in a home of their own, we believe as we work together that a valued role exists for the following: 

  • individuals,
  • families,
  • networks of support,
  • independent facilitators,
  • supportive agencies,
  • not-for-profit housing providers,
  • government, municipal staff (planning, housing and building departments),
  • lawyers,
  • contractors,
  • home and health supports,
  • financial planners, and
  • investors

Because of this belief, along with the numerous family learning events held over the last 12 years, we have hosted events where the broadest of stakeholders have come together. This  includes two large community forums and a Round Table discussion.  

For resources about various home options, go to: My Home My Choice Resource page.

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