Home is So Much More


Home is About so Much More than Where We Live

Being ‘home’ goes beyond the ‘place’ we live in.  It involves what we each do to live out an everyday ordinary life – a good life. 

This could be everything from the responsibilities involved within the home, to participating and contributing in valued roles in the neighbourhood and community, and the different types of support we have. 

The individuals and families who share their stories at My Home, My Choice events often include the journey they have been on and how plans change as life changes. They also include the meaningful roles they take up, the neighbourly support they experience and connections they have made in grocery stores, markets, coffee shops, fitness centres, work, and the other places they frequent. 

The stories have an individualized funding component, as well as independent facilitation. The latter involves supporting the person’s ‘voice’ to be heard over others so he or she can direct the planning process in their own way.

An independent facilitator supports the planning by encouraging everyone to begin without pre-existing ideas, but rather looks at what the person wants out of life, what they enjoy and what might fit best for them and their family.  It can be a long process but worthwhile. An individualized plan for an innovative home option is often the outcome. 

For resources about various home options, go to: My Home My Choice Resource page.

Photo image from pixabay.com