High School and Beyond

High School and Beyond: A Family PerspectiveHS Book Cover

This resource booklet was created by Windsor-Essex Family Network families FOR families. It has been developed from a family perspective. Family leaders have tried to inform, simplify and provide clarifications on Ministry of Education guidelines, AND MORE, with regard to high school life. The book also features resources and information for after high school including options for mature students, post-secondary learning, job training, and life in general.

As you go through the booklet, you will find family tips are highlighted and information families consider important is ‘noted’.  We hope this resource will be informative and inspirational during such an important time of life, and that students and their families will be encouraged as they see possibilities for inclusion in both learning and living life. The perfect opportunity or learning environment may not always be obvious – but as families we can get creative in finding what works best for our ‘students’, keeping in mind they are going to learn in their own unique way. To download this resource booklet use this link:  High School and Beyond, A Family Perspective, 2022

Student & Family Stories, High School and Beyond

Stories CoverIn 2014, students and family leaders with Windsor-Essex Family Network began working on a series of stories about their family experiences at different stages of high school life: preparing for, during and beyond high school. Families assisted each other with the writing and interviewing. Some families and students wrote their own stories together. More recently, families have presented to other families ‘tools’ they have worked on, with their student, for sharing information with their schools and others. Their tools are also in this stories resource booklet. To learn more about the tools used and where to get working documents or templates, see the links on the sheets included in the booklet.  To download a copy of the “Stories” booklet use this link: Student & Family Stories

School Board Information Relevant to High School 

Check out these documents where you will find links to relevant and important local high school information. You can easily connect to topics similar to what is outlined in the ‘high school booklet’ from these school board links: Greater Essex County District School Board, Greater Essex County District School Board Links, 2022  and Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board, WECDSB High School Information Links, 2021

Youth Transition Planning and Facilitation

Finding your path from high school to adulthood: Are you or is someone you love 13-18 years old, living with a developmental disability, and thinking about life after high school?  An independent facilitator can work with you and your loved ones to start to think and make choices about: What to do after high school (work, post-secondary education, volunteering); What resources and supports are available to you (community, connections, customization of support options, etc.); Where you want to live when you are an adult; How you want to be part of and give back to your neighbourhood and community; Who you trust and want to be in your life.

Windsor Essex Brokerage for Personal Supports, often called ‘Brokerage,’ is a support in our community for people who have developmental disabilities and are looking for a different way to work toward their life goals.  To learn more about Youth Transition Planning and Facilitation:  https://webps.ca/youth-transition-planning/

AAC and Transition Planning – Supporting all students
to make decisions for the future, Erin Sheldon

In 2020, Erin Sheldon presented a webinar, done with AssistiveWare, on supporting all students with their decision making, including students who communicate in different ways. She presented on some of the same topics/tools she shared with families and allies in Windsor-Essex a few years ago. The webinar is no longer available for watching, but the slides used in the webinar are available for viewing at the link below.

For a copy of the slides or to view them CLICK HERE

Background: Some of you may remember Erin Sheldon, as the facilitator who taught families and allies how to use One Page Profiles, reminded us of the importance of developing a Vision with our students, and shared other helpful tools on the journey through school and beyond. Erin presented at a number of events in Windsor-Essex a few years ago: Intelligent Lives Movie night, Challenging the Assumptions Conference, and at the following learning events: Dreaming Big and Working Towards the Life You Want, Building a Family Movement Together, and Share Your Voice …

“Transition planning is an essential part of preparing our students for the adult life they want and need. Many of our students are still learning to use AAC at the time that we need to start planning for their transition out of school. Fortunately, even the most emergent student can be involved in their own planning. This session describes tools and strategies to maximize the role of the student learning to use AAC. Learn to use AAC supports in new, flexible ways to support autonomy, decision-making, and participation.”

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